New Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU

The European Commission has published the new European Radio Equipment Directive (RED) in the Official Journal.

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The European Commission has published the new European Radio Equipment Directive (RED) in the Official Journal, and it entered into force on June 12, 2014. It will supersede the current R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC on June 12, 2016., which the latest date all manufacturers shall follow the new approval routes.
For Equipment already on the market, the transition period in which products compliant to the old Directive (R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC) can be placed on the market is until June 13, 2017. However, any new products placed on the market must be in compliance with the new Radio Equipment Directive(2014/53/EU) on and after June 12, 2016.
Some major changes of the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) compared to the old R&TTE directive are:

    • RED scope includes radio communication and no also explicitly mentions radio determination (RFID, radar, movement detect, etc.) equipment. RF equipment not
    • used for communication or determination remains in the scope of the EMC directive
    • Wired Telecom Terminal Equipment (TTE) is not covered anymore. Thus the RED only applies to wireless products.
    • Broadcast receivers now fall into the RED scope (they used to be in the EMC directive)
    • No lower limit of the frequency range covered (in the R&TTE lower limit was 9 kHz), upper limit remains at 3000GHzNotified Body Opinion is replaced with “Type Examination Certificate”
    • Notified Body number with CE mark may now only be used if the Quality System of the manufacturer was assessed against RED requirements by the Notified Body (Full Quality Assurance – Module H))
    • Equipment class 2 notifications to national Authorities no longer required
    • Class 2 labelling (Alert Sign) no longer required, but usage restrictions in certain member states must still be show on the package.
    • CE mark in the user manual no longer required, but manual must show RF Band and transmitter power.
    • Evaluation kits are now excluded (no approval required under RED)
    • RED requires that the use of universal chargers is made possible
    • Manufacturer or Importer Address must be shown on the device, or in user manual if device too small

These and further changes will impact your product certifications within this and next year and therefore already today must be considered in your equipment design and marketing approach, specially for products newly introduced to the Radio Equipment Directive, such as:

  • Broadcast receivers
  • Inductive Data Transmission devices working at frequencies < 9kHz

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