Corporate culture

An outstanding enterprise certainly has excellent enterprise culture,and excellent enterprise culture will certainly be helpful for building a successful corporation.The enterprise should emphasize not only high—quality products,but also society service, training staff and making the enterprise and staff grow up together,and then to bring strong impelling power and cohesive force as well as effectively promote the enterprise sustainable development.At the same time,we also conduct the staff actively to carry on a series of artistic and outdoor activities regularly so that can offer lots colorful of culture activity.Our enterprise culture pursues a point,that is,to get everyone together by the emotional appeal of enterprise culture,to promote the enterprise development by gathering strength.

Enterprise Tenet : To do business with integrity, to operate scientifically and practically.

Operation Principle: Consensus building and Mutual benefit

Enterprise Target: To keep pace with the times and to be the best

Serve Concept: To move customers by professional and sincere hospitality

Quality Policy: Take the guest as first,Take the quality as the base, carve out and innovate and Keep promises.

We think that enterprise culture is not only the transfering of knowledge and skills,but also the responsibility which should be taken on with the customers.So to serve sincerely and be responsible are the basic requirements for our staff. In our view,the effectiveness of service results for customers is the basic revelation of the staff’s value.We will pay valuably as soon as actual effect appears,no matter for organization or member,and the efficiency should be accurate and high. “To keep pace with the times and to be the best” is the properest assessment for us .